Through the years New Amsterdam Organics has been optimizing nutrient formulas to create streamlined organic blends. These blends give plants exactly what they need to thrive in an environment where they can grow in peace without the harsh sprays, chemicals and plant steroids that many cannabis company's subject their gardens to. By doing this, we have established and continue to develop our reputation for supplying the best sinsemilla to Colorado’s marketplace. The marijuana industry is moving towards an era of smaller batch grows that pay close attention to quality instead of quantity. The customers set the bar for what they want and we take pride in meeting those standards with flying colors. We are New Amsterdam Organics and we will continue to meet the demands of our customers and we will continue to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to organically grown cannabis.

About Us

New Amsterdam Organics is my favorite place to go. The Staff is amazing and you truely can see how much they care when you try their products for yourself.